LED Exhibition | Konnice Electric

What is the LED Technology Exhibition?

The International LED Technology Exhibition is the only exhibition in Egypt and the Middle East that specializes in LED technology, its components, modern and energy-efficient lighting systems, decorative lighting, indoor and outdoor lighting systems, screens, modern advertising and promotion tools, lighting systems for sites, projects, and solar-powered lighting systems. The exhibition features many electrical tool companies that showcase their products in the field of lighting, electrical switches, and other products that are of interest to every consumer, consultant, trader, and electrical technician.

Konnice Electrical Tools Company participated in the international exhibition as a distinguished sponsor and appeared in a manner befitting the company and the host country. Konnice also showcased its products of electrical switches, electrical outlets, lighting products, such as LED panels and electricity-saving bulbs, as well as electrical wall sockets with different designs and colors.

Konnice appeared in a position that represents it, which is rightfully the first in the electrical industry, highlighting its value in the 4th International LED Technology Exhibition. The exhibition was an excellent opportunity to communicate with its customers and answer their questions regarding the products and the company’s plan.