Canton Trade Fair in China

The Canton Trade Fair is a Chinese free trade fair, classified as the largest trade fair in China and the largest around the world in terms of area, the volume of goods and products displayed, and the number of exhibitors and visitors in China and around the world
This fair started in 1957 in Guangzhou, China, and the Canton Fair continues to expand with time
The Canton Trade Fair is held in China twice a year (once every 6 months), and it is an open exhibition that includes many different trade fields, which are displayed in 51 departments, and more than 24,000 of the best Chinese foreign trade companies participate in the exhibition, including private enterprises, factories Wholly foreign-owned companies and foreign trade companies
The Canton Fair includes more than 125,000 products, while the displayed items reach more than 16,000 commercial items, and the number of visitors to the fair reaches more than 200,000 visitors annually.
The number of exhibitors reaches more than 25,000, including about 24,000 Chinese exhibitors, and 1,000 international exhibitors, with 220 participating commercial areas.
These various investment bodies and companies offer various products such as:
Electronics, electrical tools, household electrical appliances, metal tools, machines, vehicles and spare parts, building materials, lighting, lamps and accessories, chemical products, industrial raw materials, etc., washing and ironing devices, refrigerators, air conditioners and ventilation, metallic, chemical, glass, and cement materials for construction, floors and ceramics And ceilings, decorations, tiles, doors, windows, and stones. Computers and communications, cars, bicycles, spare parts and accessories, daily consumables, gifts and toys, handy home, glass, and ceramic decorations, cleaning and bathing materials, cosmetics and cosmetics, watches and glasses, kitchen utensils, furniture and furnishings for homes, offices, hotels and hospitals, equipment Gardening, gardening and ceramics
Connie Electric Company in Canton Fair
The Canton Fair starts from nine-thirty in the morning and continues until six in the evening, except for public holidays
Kon Nice Electric participated in the Canton Fair 2019 to display its various products of electrical tools manufactured in the company’s factories in China, and the exhibition dedicated an entire section to Kon Nice to display its products in an open area
It is credited to the fact that Nice is the first Arab power tools company to participate in the largest trade fair in the world
Konnice sent an integrated team to the Canton Fair to find out the display of its electrical appliances in an appropriate and appropriate manner for this giant edifice
The Konnice team included: The chairman of the Board of Directors, the General Manager and CEO, the Marketing Manager, and the entire sales team, led by the Sales Manager
Kon Nice Electric appeared with a decent appearance for the company and for the hosting Canton Fair and achieved a widespread within the exhibition and a resounding success that made it superior to all its other competitors in the exhibition
Most of the company’s gifts given to visitors to the exhibition were: electricity shutters, electric switches, and electricity prices
A flame retardant test was carried out for Konnice products in front of the company’s customers before gifting them to ensure credibility.
Konnice keeps participating in international trade fairs to prove itself and to ensure a prestigious position in these local and international fairs