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Electrical Technician

An electrical technician plays a crucial role in the electricity market that cannot be ignored. They are the backbone of the electricity market, so electricity companies must build trust between them and every electrical technician they deal with and work to attract them and gain their satisfaction. This must be done in several ways, including:

Availability of the product at all traders, meaning that products must be available at all Nice distributors and traders in the provinces and their suburbs, so that they can be easily obtained by every electrical technician and used and promoted to consumers, whether in a house, shop, company, or institution. Products must also be diverse and have different models to suit all categories.

Therefore, only successful companies maintain the availability of their products in all their sales centers and meet the needs of their customers, even with weak sales. This is to maintain the company’s presence in the electricity market to improve its image, increase its sales, and increase its market share among competitors.

Knowledge of the consumer of the product, and here the company must work on appropriate advertising that suits its products so that it spreads more widely and is known to electrical equipment dealers in general and electrical technicians in particular. Because they are considered the link between the company and the consumer, it is necessary to carry out the necessary advertising and make the company’s products available to traders and distributors for the product to spread.
It is also important to focus on expanding and spreading through online marketing because the world is moving towards it significantly, and companies should not be content with just spreading on the streets because this is not sufficient in the digital age.

Targeting the company’s customers through electrical technicians and traders online is faster and more cost effective than hiring sales staff specifically for all provinces or the electricity market to target the technician, trader, and consumer.

Ease of communication with the company

Companies, especially those in the field of electrical engineering or electrical supplies, should make it easy for customers to communicate with them. These customers are the ones who directly interact with the company, and they can provide valuable insights in many areas. Furthermore, the company’s successful partners, including electrical technicians and electrical supply merchants, can promote the company’s products and create a positive image among consumers alongside the company’s employees who directly deal with customers.

This is where the role of the company’s customer service team comes in. The team must be specialized and at the highest level, as it represents the company and is the direct route for communicating with customers and consumers. Moreover, the company must have a responsible and specialized manager in the field of electricity in every governorate in the Republic to provide assistance.

Distributors and exclusive agents can also communicate with electricians and merchants by providing them with the necessary information about the products and collecting their numbers to facilitate reaching them when needed, such as when a new product is available in the market or a new service is introduced, such as withdrawals and rewards.

The company’s estimation of the efforts of electricians is also important. An electrician is a person trained to use electrical tools, understand their design and installation, and know the safety rules related to them. Electricians’ jobs require hard work and a great deal of effort to perform the required tasks. To make the return worthwhile, electricians look for high profits, which they can find with electrical supplies companies, even more than their profits from consumers themselves.

Electricians are connected to companies that value their efforts and increase their profits through rewards and incentives, which are rewards offered by the company to the merchant or electrician to appreciate their efforts and encourage them to cooperate in selling the company’s products and promoting them.

There should be incentives through draws to encourage them to sell the company’s products more widely and reward them with valuable and substantial incentives while providing opportunities for multiple draws. Additionally, the rewards should include prizes that are attractive and valuable to electricians and merchants alike, such as tools, certificates, or trips.

Electrical Technician Requirements

As part of the electrical technician job requirements, it is necessary for the technician to maintain constant communication with consumers, especially those within his area or city. In most cases, an electrical technician in a particular city will deal with the same consumers on a regular basis.

It is in the interest of the electrical technician to be familiar with the needs and preferences of these consumers in terms of electrical tools so that he can provide them with these necessities.

Companies benefit from providing these necessities to the electrical technician at a high level of quality, as this serves the technician in retaining his permanent clients, and also serves the company in improving its image with the technician and the consumer alike.

Companies should also provide electrical tools at a reasonable and satisfactory price for both parties so that the electrical technician can profit from them when installing them for customers, and they are not expensive for the consumer to obtain their needs.

In this context, companies work to integrate price and quality to provide the highest value for the price to satisfy their various customers, whether they are electrical technicians, electrical equipment traders, or consumers.

Those who work in electrical technician jobs in new cities also focus on providing modern and advanced electrical tools, as customers in these cities always look for the latest and best in the electrical market.

Therefore, electrical companies are constantly working to provide the latest electrical tools in these cities through their agents and distributors, so as not to miss out on high sales opportunities and large profits.

Among these products are corridor lights with motion sensors, which large companies in new cities require, not only electrical companies.

Electrical technicians in these cities require the latest types of outlets and switches such as dimmer switches, which allow for control of lighting and the required degree of illumination, whether in the home or workplace and are more suitable for modern decorations and finishes than traditional switches.

Konnice Membership Rewards

Konnice Electric offers rewards and prizes to successful partners, including electricians and merchants, to encourage them to increase their sales of the company’s products and to strengthen their relationship with them.

The company also offers a Business Card membership to electricians and merchants who are top sellers of the company’s products in 2022. Here are the details of these memberships:

Business Card Membership: This is the highest membership level that an electrician can obtain by accumulating purchases worth 20,000 EGP annually. The reward is a token of appreciation from the company to each electrician and merchant, and Konnice Electric provides its customers inside and outside of Egypt with the latest electrical tools available in the global electricity market.

Konnice also continuously develops its products by studying the market and consumers’ needs and deeply analyzing the requirements of each electrician to put in place suitable rewards for their efforts as a thank-you for the profitable partnership for both parties.

In 2023, the company developed its own reward system for a new membership under the name “Number One” with a new system to increase the technician’s loyalty and to maintain the company’s credibility with its customers.

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