Electrical Technician

Electrical Technician as we know that has a great role in the electricity markets that cannot be ignored,

It is a main role in the electricity market .

so electric companies have to build trust between them . 

This is done at several points.

The product is available to all merchants in the sense that the products are available to all distributors and traders of the company throughout the provinces and suburbs.

that it is easy to get, use and promote them to the consumer whether home, shop, company or enterprise .
Various products are available to different models to suit all categories.

Successful companies maintain the availability of their products in all their sales centers .

This comes to maintain the company’s presence in the electricity market to improve its image, increase its sales .

 Consumer knowledge of the product and in this point the company has to do appropriate advertising that befits its products .

That it spreads more widely and to be known by the dealers of electrical supplies in general .

It is, in particular, it is considered an interface between the company and the consumer.

The necessary publicity must be done and the products of the company are provided by traders and distributors .

Communication with the company

Companies should make it easier to communicate with their customers .

Especially if they are an  technician or an electrical suppliers, Because they are the most directly .

The company’s success partners of  technicians and dealers can also promote the company’s products .

Here comes the role of the customer service team of the company .

It must be a professional team at the highest level because it represents the company and is considered as the front line .

It is the direct way to communicate with customers. The company must also have a responsible manager and a specialist in the field of electricity to help .

The company’s appreciate the efforts of the electrical technician as a person trained to use  supplies and has knowledge of their design, installation and safety rules .
The role of an  technician is required for their employees to work hard and the great effort to do the work required  and the return on these efforts becomes rewarding .
Electric technicians searches for high profits, which he gains from electrical supplies companies even more than his profits with consumers themselves .

The requirements of Electrical technician

The requirements to become an electrical technician is to be in a constant contact with consumers , especially consumers within the area or city .
The electrical technicians of this city will most likely deal with the same consumer population permanently .

It is in their interest to be aware of these consumers’ needs and preference for supplies so that they can be provided with these needs.
Companies must also provide these needs to technicians with a high level of quality to maintain permanent customers.

It also serves the company in improving its image successful companies also provide electrical supplies at reasonable and fair prices for both parties .

In this context, companies are combining price and quality to offer the highest value for price to satisfy their customers . 

It also develops its products on the latest technologies .
and there working to provide the latest electric supplies in these cities through their agents and distributors in new cities .

Konnice Rewards

Konnice Electric offers rewards and awards to its successful partners electricians and dealers to encourage them to increase their sales of the company’s products .

 Also offers a membership for the best-selling technicians and merchants of the company’s products .

Business Membership: Is the highest membership taken by an electrical technician when compiling purchases worth 20.000 EGP each year .

The membership bonus is withdrawal for motorcycle and several terms to meet the needs of  technician and consumer .

The company provides the latest electrical supplies in the global electricity market to its customers inside and outside Egypt .

Konnice Electric constantly develops its products by studying the market, studying customers’ needs and studying in depth and detail .

they meets the needs of electricity technicians to place rewards suitable for their efforts thanks to the win-win partnership .

You can contact Konnice Electric through their social media pages “Facebook – LinkedIn – Instagram – YouTube” or on WhatsApp