Uses of electrical supplies :

There are many different types of electrical supply products that are used together to achieve easy control of electrical tools in your place .

In this article, we reviewing the kinds of popular electrical supplies in the electricity market .

which you can buy from the electrical goods stores near you .

The first of the important electrical supplies is the electrical switch .

It is one of the last steps in establishing your home electricity, but it is an important step .

This is because the electric switch allows you to control electricity starting from your electrical lamps through the switch or the switch of the passage .

passing through the air conditioner switch, the heater through the two heater switches .

the motor through the motor switch and reaching your home curtain which can be opening and closing with ease through the curtain switch .

You can choose what works for you between these switches .

And you can also replace the traditional switch with modern switches for your home such as the Dimmer switch .

Dimmer switch Uses :

The dimmer switch is the convenient alternative and the best of the normal key .

Three kinds of keys are available, Dimmer Light switch, Dimmer Fan switch, Dimmer Sound switch .

The Demmer Key features the normal switch in it allows you to fully control many devices in your home .

By multiple key scores that enable you to choose the right level for you .

For example, you can control the intensity of the appropriate light that varies throughout the day and depending on your need for it .

As well as the power of sound and fan .

It provides 5 levels of control allowing you multiple options for use .

Reversing the normal switch that forces you to two options either open or close only

The continuing emergence of new needs in the electrical tools market creates with it the need to develop new electrical tools .

To meet these needs. The Dimmer switch is a live experience for the continuous development of electrical supplies .

Uses of power socket :

One of the most important electrical supplies that spread as far as the diffusion of switches is electricity .

Which is among the electrical tools that no one can do without.

They are spread out at multiple electric supplies shops, some of which are essential for different electricity plugs in each Egyptian home .

Auch as Shoko socket, American socket, and Universal socket, some of which are more suitable for electrical supplies .

Like home phone socket, Satellite socket, internet and Computer socket, Video, and Video sockets, Double USB socket for Mobile chargers .

Electric socket is placed in all rooms of the house and sometimes more than one socket is place in one room .

depending on the number of family members and their deployment in the house .

Uses of Electricity covers :

Electrical covers are using to cover switches as a safety factor against electricity and ignition.

They are also using as an aesthetic form if selecte to suit decoration and wall colors.

It is available at shops in the form of frames, bases, or in the form of Square, including plastic made from Anti-fire materials .

Electrical manufacturers do not lose focus of the aesthetic factor of electric wall covers so that it fits many decorations and wall colors .

As there are several types of attractive appearance such as leather cover, aluminum cover, crystal cover, wood cover, diamond cover .

The last of them and copper cover, price is high, but the most beautiful of them .

The copper cover is famous for its deep color to suit classic decorations, such as the old copper cover and the bronze copper cover, and the Golden cover .

Advanced Electrical supplies :

The electrical supplies market is one of the most diversified productive markets .

It is an essential market for the operation of many other markets directly associated with it such as the construction market.

Several electrical supplies indirectly serve other fields such as the field of decorations and design .

In addition to the continuous development of electrical supplies .

An example of the development of new electrical supplies daily is the searchlight of passages with a movement sensor .

This detector addresses the problem of losing electrical power greatly, by placing it in home and office roads, Clinics, and companies .

It automatically lights up when hearing the sound of steps coming towards it and decontaminates after these feet pass without the intervention of the human factor .

The Dimmer Switch is located between modern electrical supplies specially designed for human comfort and adding light, sound, or fan control .

There are state-of-the-art electrical supplies designing to address such radical problems as power outages .

Which are the role of emergency detectors that charge the power inside at the time of the power supply and automatically light up the time of the outage so that you can complete your work normally .

Emergency detectors act as stationary electrical supplies that you can distribute in your home rooms and workplace .

Modern Electrical Lighting supplies :

Streep Light comes in different colors to suit wall colors to satisfy all tastes, and between white, warm white, blue, red, green, and floral .

This product provides quiet and comfortable lighting for the eye .

So some people prefer to put it in the bedroom and light it before their bedtime as a dim light that helps them feel sleepy .

In the context of lighting, there are multiple electrical products that provide a stronger performance than the LED bulb .

And each of the lighting lamps has a suitable use such as Spot Light which is used in the home salon, offices, and clinics .

It is also used on shop display shelves such as homeware shops and others to intensify lighting on products .

Flood Panel Light, is one of the most effective electrical supplies in lighting that open wide areas .

such as stairs, wide roads, front house, exhibitions, that need powerful lighting products .

Flood Light, the most powerful lighting lamp in the market .

Finally comes due to the powerful light generated by Flood Light people need for street lighting, storefronts, home facades, football playgorunds .

But often you won’t be able to illuminate any of the preceding examples with one Flood Light lamp .

Despite its power in lighting but it intensifies light on a relatively narrow area .

Which means you need more than a Flood Light lamp to illuminate a front or a football stadium for example.

Electrical supplies come in different shapes and sizes to suit all needs, the right tool can do miracles regarding efficiency and effectiveness .

Konnice’s latest electrical tools :

Konnice continuously develops its products by studying the market .

And studying the needs of consumers and produces the latest electrical supplies to meet these needs .

An example of the continuous development policy adopted by Konnice is the presence of all the electrical products mentioned in this article in high quality .

As well as other products currently developed by the company and will soon be available in the markets .

To enhance the interdependence and mutual trust between the customers and the company.

Flood Light, Panel Light, and Spot Light were also recently produced in Egypt at the request of our customers .

All of the company’s products are made according to international standards .

You can contact Konnice Electric through their social media pages “Facebook – LinkedIn – Instagram – YouTube” or on WhatsApp