What is the fourth international exhibition of LED technology and lighting systems

The Fourth International Exhibition for LED Technology is the only exhibition in Egypt and the Middle East specializing in the field of LED technology and its components, modern and economical lighting systems, decorative lighting and other internal and external lighting systems, screens, modern advertising, and lighting systems, sites and projects And the lighting of all kinds, solar lighting systems, in addition to production lines that serve all factories working in the field of lighting. Electricity technician
Being the main sponsor of the 4th International Exhibition of LED Technology and Modern Lighting
Kon Nice Electrical Appliances participated in the exhibition with a distinguished face as the main sponsor of the International Exhibition and Technology and appeared in an appearance worthy of it and the host country, where it appeared in the Pharaonic face in appreciation of the culture of the host country, which won the admiration of all visitors and other companies
Konnice presented its products of electrical switches and electrical sockets, as well as lighting and lighting products such as LED panels and electricity-saving bulbs, in addition to electrical noises of various designs and colors
Konnice appeared in a position expressed as the first in the electrical industries, which highlighted the value of KonNice at the Fourth International Exhibition of LED Technology
The Fourth International Exhibition of LED Technology was an excellent opportunity to communicate with all our customers and answer their questions regarding the products and the company’s future plan of new branches and outlets and the new products that will be presented in the electricity markets, which led to strengthening the relations between us and our customers and getting closer who are they. The presence of all officials from KonNice in the activities of the international exhibition, starting from the Chairman of the Board, the General Manager, the Executive Director, the Sales Director, and the Marketing Director, in appreciation of the status of all visitors and to hear all the proposals presented