Electrical Dealers requirements and Needs

In light of the current labor market in the field of electricity, companies compete to attract and retain electrical dealers . 

and working to adopt policies that focus mainly on electricity dealers and gain their satisfaction, in several points, namely .

Forecasting the needs and requirements of electrical dealers :

The needs and requirements of power tools dealers include providing a high-quality product that is required in the market .

The guarantee includes the product the quality , must be of high quality and at an appropriate price .

Industry requires the presence of special factories and not just imported electrical tools with the company’s name on them .

Is representing in the presence of its factory for the manufacture of electrical tools with international specifications and Egyptian workers .

This equation gives an excellent result and a strong addition very company .

After-sales service, which falls under the requirements of electrical equipment dealers .

Such as securing profit in the event of changing the price of a specific product and reducing its price .

The companies must pay the price difference to the merchant to maintain his profit without decreasing .

Dealing honestly and implementing the promise, and this must establish a strong relationship between the company and its success partners .

And the constant communication urges these merchants that they are partners for success and not just customers .

And this falls under several points, including listening to the observations of the electricity merchants and working with them. In the previous point .

Direct communication between the merchant and the company :

The direct communication it is most important factors that make companies successful because it builds trust between them and the merchant .

There should be no barriers or obstacles in the communication between the merchant and the company.

There must be a special customer service that cares about the merchant and listens to him .

Whether it is a suggestion or Complaint, and work to solve it and satisfy him no matter what the cost .

Development of products :

– Work on the development of products and this is what successful companies always do .

The participation of dealers of electrical tools and listening to their suggestions and observations .

because it is the closest in the market and knows its needs .

It is necessary to pay attention to every detail proposed by electricity dealers .

And implement it to develop the product and present it with the best designs according to modern technology .

Diversity of products :

The diversity of products is a very important point for electricity dealers.

Companies should diversify their products in terms of lights and searchlights of all kinds .

Such as light bulbs, panel lights, strip lights, and emergency lights of all kinds .

As well as stools and switches of all kinds, electrical noise and shapes that suit all categories in terms of decoration. And the price .

Presence and spread, meaning that there must be special branches and distributors for the company to spread and be more present among the competing companies in the electricity market. 

Advertising and promoting :

– The advertising and promoting the company’s products in a way that fits with all categories To compete with other companies .

Attention to the advertisements of the merchant who deals with the company.

This work includes the designs of the merchant’s shop and the work of the cupboard for displaying products .

All of this must be available in a successful company, especially if it has a vision and a plan to rise to the highest level .

Gifts and rewards :

– Making gifts and rewards for the merchant, and this is what all international companies do .

Encouragement the merchant and appreciating him for his efforts and encouraging him to his cooperate in selling and promoting electrical appliances made by the company .

Making raffles to encourage him to sell more electrical appliances with a rewarding return that encourages him with the opportunity to withdraw more than Once, as well as the gifts must be of high value for merchants to benefit from, whether they are cash or in-kind .

Electrical Equipment Dealer Job Requirements :

Each business field has basic and specific requirements, which define the way of work and the values ​​and principles that must be adhered to .

Provide the assurance to smooth and successful sales operations, building trust with customers .

And the continuity of this business for the longest possible period. 

Electrical tools trade :

The field of electrical tools trade, like any field that needs determinants of work, such as commitment to providing consumers’ needs, working to satisfy them .

Commitment to market prices and trying to provide saving offers from time to time .

Building a strong relationship with customers by explaining the details of products and helping to provide.

Sufficient information For dismantling and deliver with the highest quality .

In the event of intense competition between dealers of electrical tools in one geographical area .

Each dealer begins to search for excellence and the best electrical tools company to deal with to overcome his competitors from the same area .

And the merchant chooses the company that provides him with convenience in dealing, rewarding return, guaranteed profits .

Diversity in electrical tools and their continuous availability, rewards, and prizes for sales, advertising .

And marketing in the form of good images of products .

The needs of electrical equipment dealers in different markets :

Dealers of electrical tools in new cities need the latest electrical tools in the electricity market .

Most of their customers are from the class that prefer modern tools even if they are more expensive than old electrical tools .

because they prefer quality over price and always prefer modernity and development, not only in electrical tools but in all of their products .

The dealers of electrical tools in the old cities prefer price over quality .

Because the customers of those areas prefer the cheap prices of ordinary electrical tools that serve the purpose .

Successful companies must provide a variety of electrical tools to cover the needs of electrical dealers in various regions and markets .

Satisfy the largest number of consumers, and increase the profitability of their success partners, such as distributors and agents of the company’s tools and products.

Konnice relationship with the trade of electrical appliances:

Konnice Electric depends on its policies to build a strong and lasting relationship between it and the dealers of electrical tools based on honesty in dealing and mutual trust between the company .

The company also seeks to constantly develop this relationship by offering prizes and rewards to dealers of electrical tools to encourage them .

To increase their sales of electrical tools produced by Konnice, maximizing the dealer’s profits and increasing his sales to achieve a rewarding return for dealers.

Therefore, Connie provides the latest electrical tools in the electricity market .

Along with the usual tools for consumers to meet the different needs of traders and consumers .

Konnice depends on the latest technology to manufacture advanced electrical tools exclusively for its customers and partners of its success .

And the company also applies international standards for production .

Konnice is confident in its products, it has provided a lifetime warranty to maintain mutual trust between it .

And its customers and to ensure credibility, which is the main driver of trust.

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